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Healing Potions

By October 18, 2020October 30th, 2020House Rules


The standard rules for drinking a potion of healing during combat require a full action to complete, and also includes a roll of dice to determine the efficacy of the potion.

Our homebrew rules are a little more generous towards potion drinkers by offering the following 2 choices:

  1. if a player chooses to use their action to drink a healing potion, that potion heals the maximum points allowed (i.e. a potion with 2d4+2 healing always grants 10 points healed)
  2. if a player chooses to drink a healing potion as a bonus action, they roll must roll for the amount of healing (i.e. a potion with 2d4+2 healing could heal anywhere from 4 to 10 points)

This change helps to keep a player from feeling like they wasted an entire turn during combat only to drink a potion that heals a minimal amount due to low rolls.